We hope that we can answer most of your questions here.


Is it difficult to put up a wall decal sticker?

Not if it’s from StickerDeen, unlike most sellers – we do all the preparation for you, so it’s really simple! Just unroll and stick it up.. your decal can be up on your wall in just a matter of minutes.

How long does the decal sticker last?

Your decal sticker can last forever! It can stay on your wall for years and years.. To prove how confident we are with the quality – we even offer a 3 year warranty! At StickerDeen everything is done in the UK with utmost care, respect, purity and the highest quality materials!

Can I send a gift to someone in a different country?

Yes – we’ll even gift wrap it for free! Don’t worry, we won’t include any invoice or details of your purchase. It will be plain packaging and we’re happy to leave a free personalised note. Just message us about this.

I'm thinking of getting an X large decal sticker. Can I put this up myself?

We would definitely recommend an extra pair of hands when it comes to the really big decals – unless of course you’ve got extra long arms!

Please note. All our XL decals come in 2 or more pieces for easier shipping & putting up on the wall.

How long will it take for my decal stickers to be delivered?

Please take a look at our delivery information for more details. It usually takes 1-2 working days for UK and usually up to 7 working days for everywhere else in the world. But please bare patient as this is beyond our control.

Can I have my own design made?

Yes! Just message us and we’ll be happy to help.

I want a specific colour, can you match it?

Yes. Yes and yes. We got you covered, well ..actually.. we’ve got your wall covered.

I want a specific size, can you make it fit?

Yes. We can customise your order to fit perfectly in the canvas area of your wall that you’ve chosen. Just send us measurements and we’ll suggest the best.

I need something urgently by a specific date. Can it be done?

We told you we’ve got you covered didn’t we?.. well, we’ll do our best. We can usually manage to fulfil urgent orders. Just get in touch ASAP!

What's a decal, isn't it just a sticker?

Well, here we go.. the number one question! In short. Yes. A decal is a sticker .. however a decal is cut and not printed. So you only see the design itself and no background colour .. which is ideal for our artwork. Once applied it genuinely looks as though it has been professionally painted onto your wall. No damage to your wall and also perfectly suitable to stay on your wall permanently or just on a temporary basis.

How will I receive my decal sticker?

You’re probably wondering how we post it to you right? ..We love to make things simple.. we roll up your fully prepared decal stickers and carefully package them into a strong postal tube. Which you then receive, open, unroll and apply. It’s as easy as it gets!

Are the sticker sizes shown in centimetres or inches?

Every single sticker design of ours is shown in centimetres – CM.