StickerDeen provides the highest quality wall decals. Everything is produced and dispatched from the UK.

In fact – we are so confident with the quality that we even offer a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!

For details on the conditions of the 3 year warranty, please continue to read on below:

There is no need to register your sticker for warranty, your order will automatically be warrantied at the time of purchase. If you need to make a claim on the warranty, you will need to begin by providing your full name and address, order number and a photo of the sticker on the wall, the room and the surrounding areas.

Your warranty begins from the exact date of purchase and expires exactly 1095 days thereafter. Your warranty does not cover accidental damage, damage or defect caused by anything other than fault in manufacturer. It only covers problems relating to the sticker such as loss of stick and if the sticker begins to peel of the wall without being touched. We recommend keeping the sticker away from heating appliances and anything that may affect the sticker to peel off the wall by itself. If in the unlikely event you need to make a claim we will thoroughly inspect the sticker to make sure that it has been cared for and only then can we issue a replacement accordingly.

Any defects in the decal must be reported within 7 days of receiving your order, we will not accept any claims for defects thereafter. When rolling out the sticker it can be clearly seen if any defect is present. No claims in defects will be accepted if the sticker has already been applied onto the wall. If there are any defects in your sticker, you must report it without attempting to apply the sticker.

Ultimately we are very happy to replace any sticker that has had fault within 3 years – as long as it has been treated with proper care.